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Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin

Yan Kou Primary School is a rural school located in the mountainous region of Yan Kou Village, Gong Cheng Yao Autonomous County, Guilin. The school is attended by 212 students who come from underprivileged families unable to enjoy basic things such as shoes, which the students badly need in order to walk seven miles to and from school every day.

In September 2010, the hotel commenced infrastructure improvement projects such as repainting of classrooms, setting up a multi-media classroom, enhancing facilities such as the student canteen, toilets, and paving of the main road. The project was concluded in May 2011.

"We sincerely thank Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin for their great support extended to the education of Yao Autonomous County. As a principal of a rural primary school, I am very proud that our students have always been striving to excel and it is always my dream to improve the conditions of the school. Thank you very much for making our dreams come true."

Latest News

In 2012, Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin supported further renovations to the school’s building and facilities. These include greening the schoolyard, setting up a library, computer rooms, new blackboards, ceiling fans and provision of further training development for teachers. These were to empower and equip teachers to better educate the students with skills that will be beneficial in today’s world. Training included communication in English, food hygiene and fire safety.

On festive occasions, students received new clothes, school bags and food items which brought immense joy to the children, their parents and to teachers and colleagues alike.

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