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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok

After the devastating floods that hit Bangkok in 2011, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok identified a new beneficiary partner.

Situated in Bang Pa-in District, Ayutthaya Province, Wat Ladrahong School is comprised of 104 students and six teachers. The school opened its doors in 1938 and received substantial funding from the government to build a proper school building for kindergarten and elementary classes along with a dining/multipurpose hall. 

The 2011 flooding affected both students and their families. The hotel hopes to work towards the improvement of facilities and quality of education, eventually recognising Wat Ladrahong as a prototype elementary school in Ayutthaya.

Rebuilding a new future

In an effort to improve literacy and educational opportunities and to enhance the development of intellect and emotion, the hotel decided that building a school library was the first priority of our “embrace” project at Wat Ladrahong.

Activities & Workshops

The range of the hotel’s short-term and long-term activities and initiatives to develop education and the environment includes presenting activities through the “Big Brothers Big Sisters” programme, a school library launching, scholarships and a cross-training programme on vocational education.

Latest News

On 27 September 2012, the management and staff who volunteered for the “Big Brothers Big Sisters” programme went to Ayutthaya Province and held a kick-off event for the library construction. We also planted Thai herbs, which will be a part of the school’s lunch programme, and taught basic English to the students. 

Join Us

Guests with a passion for giving can participate in the “Big Brothers Big Sisters” programme by contacting Mr. Suradej Soonsomboon, Assistant Director of Human Resources.