Bringing health and happiness to school

Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo

Since 2012, Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo has been assisting the Simingshan Mountain Primary School, located in the mountainous county of Yuyao, China. They work with them through various campaigns including the Healthy Kids, Happy School Project. Last year, the hotel focused on providing four freshly cooked nutritious meals to the children every week in addition to providing education on the importance on following a balanced diet.

Infrastructure Development  

To create a more conducive environment for living and learning, during summer vacation the hotel provided volunteers to repair a 20-metre long hand washing sink, the main door of the school’s canteen and the students’ dormitory. In addition to this, three new cabinets were installed in the canteen to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are maintained.

Nutrition, Hygiene & Education 

The hotel is committed to improving the students’ health and lifestyle. This is done through providing four freshly cooked nutritional meals per week and inviting the hotel doctor to conduct personal hygiene lessons to further strengthen awareness on healthy living. Moreover, English classes are held every fortnight to increase fluency across the school.

Latest News 

In 2013, in addition to the hotel's provision of four nutritional meals per week and English classes, the government has begun providing milk twice a week to the school. Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo, China had kindly requested the government's support in helping make the children's lives healthier. Hygiene and fire life safety lessons are scheduled for the students at least once per semester.

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