The Horizon Club Artist Series


“As one of Asia’s cosmopolitan cities, Shanghai has all the modern conveniences of an international metropolis, but also retains its distinctive Eastern soul.

Located in the heart of the city of Shanghai is the Jing An Shangri-La Hotel, which overlooks the ancient Buddhist Jing’an Temple, a landmark of both old and new Shanghai.

“Long Gaze” is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape ink painting, which expresses a 360-degree perspective on a two-dimensional surface. Using the green and gold colour palette of classical landscape paintings, I used photo collage and digital illustration to create a view from the Jing An Shangri-La that gracefully conveys the harmony of the city with surrounding nature, and the unique experience of visiting the Jing An Shangri-La Hotel.”
Zhu Jianhang
Zhu Jianhang ( 朱建航 ) was born in 1987 in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

Today, living in Shanghai he is part of a new wave of Chinese artists - a multidisciplinary artist, designer, painter, and musician. Zhu Jianhang graduated from the Jiangnan University School of Design in 2010. In 2011, he entered a career in advertising, however his personal time and projects are dedicated to working in digital illustration and music production.

Zhu Jianhang's works often bring together contradictory elements to create visual paradox. He creates an idealized, imaginary world that includes both the atmospheric fishing villages of childhood as well as the chaotic density of modern cities. Through this contrast, his works are able to simultaneously express both gentle silence as well as manic noise.