The Horizon Club Artist Series

Hong Kong

 “The magic hour of the Fragrant Harbour. Whenever you look at the harbour from a top view, it has a different colour shift and energy at certain times. I tried to capture the moment of the magic hour of the harbour before sunset, when the glitter of the sea, the movement of the ferries, the skyscrapers, the streets and people, the mountains and the orange blue sky all melt together and shimmer in the golden sunlight. It’s like a symphony of colour, movement and rhythm, which all together create a warm, calm and tranquil energy that resonates at the heart of people.” Desmond Leung
Desmond Leung ( 梁 樂 森 ) is a media artist and creative director who explores contemporary aesthetics and meaning by merging the mediums of painting, ink art, moving image and new media into a time-based art form.

Desmond is an honouree of 40 Under 40 Awards 2014 in the Art category. His works have been exhibited in the U.S, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Poland, Korea and Singapore, as well as various international art exhibitions and film festivals, including the CHANEL Digital Art Program (world wide), the Hong Kong International Art Fair, Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Eastpak Artist Studio Exhibition, October Contemporary (Hong Kong), Media Pole Exhibition (Seoul), Resfest (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia), Get It Louder (China) and more. Recent solo and group exhibitions have been held in PMQ and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Desmond's main research is inspired and surrounded by the collective ideas of metaphysics, nature, the universe, the human body, spirituality, healing, art therapy and oriental philosophy. Examining the universal view and delivering the message through art is his life's work. His style could be linked with landscape painting, shan shui and lyrical abstraction with a new media approach.