Working with Us

We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading employers in the industry, and of our very high levels of staff loyalty.

We value all our colleagues, and invest heavily in colleagues' facilities and welfare, as well as training and development.

We also recognize our responsibility to society and to the environment, and have developed policies and practices which make a real difference.

Promotions from Within

One of our guiding principles is to create an environment where our colleagues may achieve their personal and career goals. It is our policy that suitable internal candidates from within the company be given preference over external candidates, when all qualifications are equal. All managers with responsibility for filling vacancies are accountable for ensuring the application of this policy.

In order to help us achieve this, all job openings are posted for a minimum of 3 days to allow internal candidates to avail opportunities.

During the last few years, over 60% of our management vacancies were filled by internal promotions or transfers within the company.

Service Recognition

It is our wish that colleagues enjoy a long, rewarding career with us, and we are proud to recognize those individuals with long standing service and loyalty to the company.

Completion of 10 years' service is recognized by a service pin, service certificate and an invitation by the general manager to a special lunch or dinner.

For those individuals who achieve 20+ years of service, there is an additional presentation from the vice president for their region.

Colleagues' Facilities

Colleagues' Changing Rooms

All our uniformed colleagues have access to a comfortable place in which to prepare before stepping into the Front of House area.

Colleagues' Restaurant

Our colleagues' restaurants are operated and designed like our guest restaurants. After long working hours, it is important that all our colleagues can relax, socialize and enjoy good food in a cheerful and fun environment. Food quality is consistently high, and the variety caters for the tastes of both local and foreign colleagues.

Rest Areas

Colleagues are also provided with dedicated rest areas, such as leisure rooms, internet lounges, staff gyms and even sleeping rooms, which they can utilize during their break hours.

Health and Wellness

We are committed to colleagues' health and wellness. All colleagues receive a pre-employment medical check-up as well as annual and bi-annual check-ups for certain positions.

In addition, our hotels have implemented various wellness programmes, which include weight-loss management, health talks, stress management classes, the Art of Living programme, quit-smoking campaigns, and initiative for maintaining a healthy diet.

It is hoped that these wellness programmes and our various sporting activities will enable our colleagues to maintain the yin-yang balance of mental and physical health.

Career Opportunities

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