Strategic Housekeeping Management

Course Objectives / Description

With changing business environments, the need correspondingly increases for us to prepare the second-in-command from just being an operations manager to a leader equipped with sufficient technical know-how to produce and maintain an excellent hotel product. This course aims to increase people management skills in driving business results and instilling creativity and entrepreneurship in daily operation.

Guided by the general direction of SLIM-Rooms, the program also affords participating colleagues an avenue for strategic discussion on various challenges and opportunities in Housekeeping operation.

Course Content

  • The AEH as a Leader
    • Situational Leadership
    • Effective Communication
    • Interviewing Skills
    • Presentation Skills
  • The AEH as a Manager
    • Planning and Organisation
    • Records, Report and Inventory
    • Housekeeping Operations Efficiency (People, Product, Process)
    • Laundry Operation, Low Temp, Linen Management Overview
    • Quality Standards and Book of Specification
  • “The Bigger Picture”
    • Challenges with FO, Engineering and F&B
    • Finance – OE, P&L, Budget and Forecast
    • Quality Improvement – DR3, WAGS
  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Effective Training Plans
    • Housekeeping Operation Strategic Planning and Presentation

Main Instructor(s)

Academy Faculty
SLIM Officer from Rooms and other divisions

Duration of the Course

5 days institutional learning in a hosting hotel

Maximum Class Size


Minimum Class Size


Target Participants

Assistant Executive Housekeeper (AEH)
A Service Manager - Housekeeping endorsed for development purposes

    Language Medium

    English for Non-China intake, English with Chinese translation for China intake

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