Rooms Executive Programme

Course Objectives / Description

In 2014, economies and political environment around the world will continue to shift and we expect tremendous new challenges ahead.  What made leaders successful in the past may not ensure success in the future.  Therefore, it is very critical that senior executives possess not just a passion for hospitality but consistent, actionable management and leadership skills and relevant business acumen.  The Rooms Executive Programme will provide you with relevant business skills to work more effectively with your team members, SLIM and Hub colleagues and other key stakeholders to stay as a relevant, well-respected and valued member of your Hotel’s team.  During this program, you will cultivate essential management and leadership skills, including critical thinking, decision making and finance.

What will be the impact and experience of this executive programme?  You will be encouraged to think differently as you experience numerous learning situations, intense discussions and peer interaction.  You will be able to identify new solutions to emerging hospitality industry problems.  This programme uses a range of highly interactive approaches to help you advance your leadership capabilities including short lectures, group discussions and projects, assessments, networking and experiential learning.  The integration sessions at the end of each day will help ensure that you acquire key concepts and skills and can apply them to your current role.

Upon completion of this program, you will better understand how to enhance your business unit’s growth and have the skills and confidence needed to create, lead, manage and measure effective business growth strategies.  In addition, you will develop a strong network of Shangri-La colleagues from different regions.

Course Content

  • Discovering Opportunities in Rooms Operations
  • Developing a Leadership Philosophy
  • Leadership in Practice
    • Leadership and Followership
    • Building and Applying Problem-solving, Analytical and Decision-making skills
  • Conducting After-action Reviews

Main Instructor(s)

SLIM Officers
Adjunct Faculty from selected hotel
Industry experts

Duration of the Course

4 days institutional learning in a hosting hotel

Maximum Class Size


Minimum Class Size


Target Participants

Level 1 and 2 colleagues in Rooms

Language Medium


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