Hygiene Managers and Chief Steward Training

Course Objectives / Description

The Hygienists and Chief Stewards’ main area of responsibility is in creating awareness in health and food safety amongst our Food and Beverage colleagues. The objective of this programme is to introduce a systematic approach to understanding what food safety is all about. Learners will be able to understand safe food preparation practices and learn to identify any hazards, if any. This is considered essential especially in an environment where we have established a fine reputation and guests have great trust and confidence in us. This programme integrates medical and scientific knowledge with educational methods given by a panel of industry experts to enable our colleagues to gain the most comprehensive and latest best practices within the industry.

Course Content

  • Requirements and Standards (Policies / Guidelines)
    • Food Handlers
    • Food Temperature
    • Purchasing and Receiving
    • Storage
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing
    • Facility Maintenance
  •  AFBI Investigation
    • Global Food Safety Scenario
    • FBI Investigation (Micro and Chemical) Protocol and Appendix A
    • Food and Other Investigation Samples
    • FBI Physical Investigation and Appendix B
    • Final Reporting
  •   Course Summary and Program Evaluation
    • Role of Hygienist in the Food and Beverage Operations
    • Methodology of Training
    • Audit Processes
    • Case Study – Pre-Openings and Set Ups
    • Tests

Main Instructor(s)

Faulty includes industry experts from Diversey, practitioners from Shangri-La Hotels and SLIM colleagues

Maximum Class Size


Minimum Class Size


Duration of Course

5 days institutional learning in a hosting hotel

Target Participants

All Food Hygienists and Chief Stewards

Language Medium


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