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Effective Human Resource Management

Course Objectives/ Description

At the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Understand Effective Management in a corporation
  • Understand how Effective Human Resource Management can contribute to Effective Management in a Corporation
  • Understand how to develop high-commitment HRM in a corporation
  • Understand effective recruitment & selection, training and development, performance management & compensation system
  • Learn to manage discipline and grievances effectively
  • Appreciate modern roles & competencies of an effective HR Manager
  • Describe how individual differences in behaviour and style affect and contribute to organizational problems
  • Describe the different ways in which people perceive the world and make decisions
  • Describe when and why people are driven to take action and the relationship between motivation, satisfaction and performance
  • Describe different leadership styles and determine which style to use in diverse situations for greatest effect
  • Assess your own preferred leadership style and learn the consequences, both positive and negative, of your style when leading others
  • Describe how individual differences lead to problems in a team’s performance
  • Diagnose and solve team performance problems

Course Content

  1. What is Personnel Management?
  2. Evolution from Personnel Management to Human Resource Management
  3. What is Effective Management?
  4. What is Effective Human Resource Management?
  5. How to Align a Corporation’s Human Resource Objectives to its Business Objectives?
  6. Developing High-Commitment HRM
  7. Effective Recruitment & Selection
  8. Effective Training
  9. Effective Performance Management & Compensation
  10. Managing Discipline & Grievances
  11. Modern Roles & Competencies for an Effective HR Manager
  12. Understanding People at Work
  13. Managing Groups


Academy's Faculty
Shangri-La's Senior Management

Maximum Class Size


Minimum Class Size


Duration of Course

10 days of institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy

Target Participants

  • Assistant Human Resources Directors/Human Resources Managers
  • Level 3 Human Resource Service Managers who has shown potential for further development, or staff recommended by General Manager or Service Executives for development purposes.

Language Medium


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