Shangri-La Academy

Certificate in Personal Valet Services

Course Objectives / Description

This course combines the age-old service traditions of butlering and the latest trends in contemporary personal valet services. It is grounded on the key driver of individualized recognition in delighting customers in a Shangri-La context. The course contents are generic in its approach but specific in terms of skill building. This covers the areas of housekeeping and laundry, concierge and front office, and food & beverage operations.

Communication and body language are given emphasis, especially in role plays, presentations and grooming inspections. The end result is a highly-skilled, professional personal valet who is competent to provide delightful service to highly discriminating and seasoned travelers. Finally, the learners appreciate the necessity of promoting the Shangri-La brand in day-to-day operations.

Course Content

  • Individualized Service: A Shangri-La hallmark
  • Communication and Body Language
  • Key Components of Personal Valet Service
    • Personal Hygiene and Appearance
    • Hotel Knowledge
    • Administration and Efficiency
    • Protocol and Etiquette
    • Food & Beverage Essentials
    • Guestroom Housekeeping
    • Laundry Essentials
    • Travel Management
    • Safety and Security
    • Security and safety
  • The Shangri-La Staff As A Brand Ambassador

Main Instructor

Academy's Faculty

Duration of Course

- 10 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size


Target Participants

  • Full-time employees of Shangri-La/Traders hotels
  • Service Associates and Service Leaders (Levels 5 and 4) in either Rooms or F&B Divisions
  • Minimum 1-year experience in sending hotel
  • Fluent in English
  • Keen learner
  • Demonstrates above average level of performance at work (based on a quantitative measurement, e.g., PDR)
  • High potential Level 5 and 4 (outside of Rooms and F&B) recommended by Service Executives for development purposes

Language Medium


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