Shangri-La Academy

Certificate in Housekeeping Management

Course Objectives / Description

This course aims at upgrading the knowledge and skills of Service Managers in Housekeeping so they appreciate Rooms Division better, develop skills on strategic operations management and eventually be ready to take on bigger responsibilities. Through class presentations, group discussions, hands-on skills practice and sharing hotel practices, they are able to evaluate and organize operations in their own department in relation to the bigger picture of Rooms Division.

The course also emphasizes important SLIM quality standards to ensure consistency in approach and application. Most importantly, the course trains them to adopt behaviors that reflect a customer-oriented service mindset in day-to-day operations. With better appreciation of Rooms Division’s other departments, especially Front Office, the learner develops a mindset of proactive strategy in Housekeeping management.

Course Content

  • Overview of Front Office
  • Overview of Concierge
  • Importance of Telephone / Service Center
  • Club Floor: Rationale and Operations
  • Understanding the concept of Health Club Management
  • Overview of Housekeeping
  • Laundry Operations
  • Guest feedback programs
  • Finance and Security
  • Reports Writing and Communication Skills
  • Hotel Visitations

Main Instructors

Academy's Faculty
Shangri-La's Senior Management

Duration of Course

- 10 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size


Target Participants

  • Full-time, Level 3, Rooms Division employees of Shangri-La/Traders
  • Housekeeping only
  • Minimum 1-year work experience in the sending hotel
  • Keen learner
  • Demonstrates above average level of performance at work (based on a quantitative measurement, e.g., PDR)
  • High potential Level 4 staff (Housekeeping only) recommended by Service Executives for development purposes

Language Medium

English with Mandarin translation

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