Shangri-La Academy

Certificate in Finance Management Module II

Cost Control/Receiving/Store Management

Course Objectives / Description

The CFM module II is a Ten-day institutional program offered at the Shangri-La Academy campus.  Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Understand functions of the Cost Control, Receiving department and Store management. Expected product knowledge, receiving and store supervision,the role of F&B cost controller and the relevant process in Supply Chain Management.
  • Comprehends inventory and F&B cost accounting, SLIM account policy related to treatment of inventory items and procedures of month-end inventory closing.
  • Apply the methodology of menu pricing cost ratio, inventory turnover ratio and food testes respectively to evaluate the effectiveness of F&B operation management.
  • Prepare report and accounting journal of F&B costing and inventory to meet SLIM requirement

Course Content

  1. Explain Role and Job Duties of Cost Controller, Receiving  and store supervisor
  2. Describe the concept of cost ratio, inventory operation (FIFO, Average) method and control points to better manage F&B cost.
  3. Illustrate on how to perform Butcher Test and count beverage inventory of bar.
  4. Explain how to set up store, temperature control of specific store and handle inventory management.
  5. Improve English communication skill


Shangri-la's Senior Management

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size


Duration of Course

10 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy

Target Participants

  • Full time level 3 or, level 4 staff  currently working in the Finance Division for operating hotels or pre-opening hotels.
  • Enthusiastic, motivated and positive worker, good role model at workplace, identified for job rotation/expansion/promotion or possessing such potential.

Language Medium



Individual Subject Tests and Final Exam

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