Certificate in Finance Management Module II

Course Objectives / Description

The Certificate in Finance Management (Module II) focuses on the functions of Cost Control, Receiving and Store Management.  The learners will be able to understand the Inventory and Cost Accounting procedures as well as SLIM Accounting policies which are related to the treatment of inventory items and month-end closing reports.  Special topics include: understanding the methodology of menu pricing, cost ratio, inventory turnover ratio and food tests to evaluate the effectiveness of a Food and Beverage Operation.

Course Content

  • Role and Job duties of Cost Controller, Receiving and Store Supervisor
  • Introduction to: Cost Ratio, Inventory Operation Methods and Cost Control points
  • Principles of Butcher Test and Bar Inventory Procedures
  • Understanding Storeroom operations including Par Levels, Temperature Control and Inventory Management
  • Familiarization with Food and Beverage Market price
  • Cost Control Report Writing Techniques
  • English and Communication Skills

Main Instructor(s)

Practitioners from Shangri-La Hotels

Duration of the Course

5 days institutional learning in a hosting hotel

Maximum Class Size


Minimum Class Size


Target Participants

Levels 3 and 4 colleagues with one year work experience at a Shangri-La Hotel

    Language Medium

    English and Chinese

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