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Certificate in Finance Management Module I

Module I - Account Payable / General Ledger

Course Objectives / Description

The CFM module I is a Ten-day institutional program offered at the Shangri-La Academy campus. Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the role of Accounting and functions of General Ledger in hotel environment
  • Understand the Accounting Cycle
  • Understand the concepts of Financial Assets, complete bank accounts reconciliation and SLIM PRC Hotel A/R, Provision for doubtful accounts.
  • Apply accounting concepts to valuing inventory, recording costs, making entries, and reporting inventory on financial statements
  • Apply accounting concepts and SLIM P&P to depreciation transactions
  • Prepare payroll transactions, from paying wages to depositing and reporting PRC payroll taxes
  • Understand hotel practices and control points in Account Payable
  • Understand the month-end and year-end closing procedures, timeline for task completion, overview of features and Application of Winac
  • Familiar with the application of relevant PRC accounting standards and SLIM P&P to analyze transactions and make journal entries.
  • Understand Financial Statement analysis and Exception Report writing.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Hotel Financial Statements (Generic)
  2. Explain Role and Job Duties of Account Payable and General Ledger Accountants
  3. Illustrate real life practices involved in setting up Account Payable and General Ledger Accounts, maintenance of Account Payable and General Ledger, completion of every step incurred in accounting cycle to  prepare hotel financial statements
  4. Explain the application of relevant PRC accounting concepts and SLIM P&P to preparation of SLIM hotel financial statements.
  5. Describe Exception Reports writing techniques
  6. Improve English communication skill


Shangri-la's Senior Management

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size


Duration of Course

10 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy

Target Participants

  • Full time level 3 or, level 4 staff  currently working in the Finance Division for operating hotels or pre-opening hotels.
  • Enthusiastic, motivated and positive worker, good role model at workplace, identified for job rotation/expansion/promotion or possessing such potential.

Language Medium



Individual Subject Tests and Final Exam

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