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Certificate in Culinary Arts and Cuisine (Western Cuisine)

Course Objectives / Description

This course review the duties of a kitchen professional, range of kitchen operations and food production techniques, and the relationship between quality, cuisine style, presentation and cost control. But the course goes beyond training in technical know-how. It is structured to help Learners understand and grasp the whole preparation process of western cuisine. The course seeks to cultivate an apt multi-tasking mindset and a “bundle of nerves’ to function in the ‘pressure-cooker’ that is the kitchen environment, so that Learners will be more motivated, flexible and creative. Furthermore, Learners will be more confident in using basic conversational English through attending a compulsory English and Communication class built in the course.

Course Content

  • Culinary theory
  • Western cuisine
  • Food safety management
  • Menu planning and costing
  • Kitchen practice
  • English and communication skill


Academy's Faculty

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size 


Duration of Course

20 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy, 4 weeks on-the-job training at sending Hotel

Target Participants

  • Full time F&B kitchen Service Leaders level 4
  • Minimum 1 year relevant working experience in sending hotel
  • Basic English communication skill
  • Keen learner and good performer
  • Level 5 staff who has shown potential for further development, or staff recommended by General Manager or Service Executives for development purposes.

Language Medium 

China- Mandarin with English Translation
Non-China – English with Mandarin Translation

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