Shangri-La Academy

Certificate in Concierge Operation

Course Objectives / Description

With the ever-increasing demand for one-stop shop service, these days Concierge service is very important if not critical.  This course describes and explains the vital role of Concierge section in the bigger operation of Front Office department and Rooms division.  Stressing the need to manage moments of truth, the course illustrates observable qualities, service mindset and behavior of a Concierge in a Shangri-La setting.  Guided by SLIM Minimum Quality Service Standards, the course also aims at ensuring consistent application of these standards.

In addition, Supervisory and Leadership skills discussions increase learners’ competencies in managing both day-to-day operations and staff motivation and discipline. Finally, with the onset of the information age, they will be introduced on how to put to optimum use of networking and information technology in serving and delighting guests, consistent with the Shangri-La mission.

Course Content

  • Overview of Rooms division and Front Office department
  • Concierge Organization Structure
  • Non-Negotiables in Grooming and Personal Presentation
  • Concierge: “Never Say No”
  • The Importance of Organization and Documentation in Operations
  • Supervisory Skills Building
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Catalyst Leadership
  • Building Networks and Hotel Information Database
  • Using Information Technology to be a more efficient Concierge

Main Instructor

Academy's Faculty

Duration of Course

10 days institutional learning at Shangri-La Academy 

Max. Class Size


Min. Class Size


Target Participants

  • Full-time Concierge staff of Shangri-La/Traders hotels
  • Service Leader (Level 4)
  • Positive Attitude
  • Keen learner
  • Demonstrates above average level of performance at work (based on a quantitative measurement, e.g., PDR)
  • High potential Level 5 staff (Concierge) 
  • High potential Level 4 staff (FO but non-Concierge) recommended by Service Executives for development purposes

Language Medium

English with Mandarin translation or Chinese depending on the Program


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