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The Shangri-La Academy is our unique training centre based at the Business & Conference Centre, 2F, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen. Its mission is to foster a new generation of hospitality professionals equipped with the innovative skills, flexibility and service ethos needed to succeed in our rapidly changing industry.

The Academy offers certificate and diploma programs and short professional courses for all levels. It also acts as our source for best practice, and promotes teamwork and camaraderie among all our colleagues.

The Academy also organizes workshops, seminars and short courses for hospitality professionals in areas such as Hotel Operations, Management and English among others.

Our Facilities

Our Academy is based at the Business & Conference Centre, 2F, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen. Shenzhen is situated at the heart of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China, close to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau.

The Academy uses the availability of actual hotel facilities to organise learning activities and provide real-life learning experiences.

Our Team

The Shangri-La Academy is run by a team of Programme Directors who are all experts in their fields.

The Programme Directors bring a wealth of experience from all over the world and share a passion for teaching the values and skills needed to be successful in our rapidly-changing industry.

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Office Suite B28, Business & Conference Centre, 2F, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen, 1002 Jianshe Road, Shenzhen 518001, China.

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