Growing With Us

Personalised Development

With over 102 hotels located in 79 different cities, Shangri-La is large enough to offer you a diverse range of career opportunities, but is also intimate enough to be able to treat you as an individual. We recognise that each one of us has different career aspirations, possesses a range of strengths and may have unique challenges that must be addressed in order to meet future goals.

Our leaders are committed to supporting your career objectives. They will work with you to create a thoughtfully crafted development plan that is suited to your individual needs. You will jointly evaluate your performance and decide which learning and development initiatives will strengthen your current competencies and help you to fulfill your career aspirations.

This plan will be revisited regularly to ensure alignment and progress. The plan will involve a variety of learning opportunities, including but not limited to attending Shangri-La Global Academy programmes, short- and long-term job rotations, online learning, special projects, task force roles and structured learning programmes. 

Career Opportunities

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