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Leadership Development

Leaders in the people-intensive, fast-paced and constantly evolving global hospitality field require an extensive set of functional and leadership competencies. To stay ahead in an industry where it is common to have managers in their 20s leading large teams of colleagues, at Shangri-La, we have built a suite of programmes designed to foster highly effective leadership skills.

Created with the belief that 70% of learning comes from workplace experiences, the online environment and exposure to others, our leadership programmes offer a blend of formal and highly experiential learning.

The entire curriculum is founded on our leadership competencies - Shared Purpose, Personal Branding, Business Optimisation, Agile Transformation, Unleashing Potential and Rising Success.

Effective Team Leader Programme
The first steps of the leadership ladder can be daunting. This introductory leadership programme is designed to help small groups of first-time people leaders transition into their role. Each cohort is guided through a number of experiential, focused and participatory exercises by an encouraging team coach. After the four-week programme, the new leaders are more confident in managing the assignment of tasks and acting as role models for their teams as they collectively meet departmental goals.

Emerging Leaders Programme

This six-week blended learning initiative for hotel-based managers begins by helping participants build a level of self-awareness that allows them to understand and refine the impact they have as managers. The programme continues by developing financial, time-management, feedback, problem-solving and customer-segmentation skills.

Strategic Leadership
Launched in 2016, this bespoke programme was specifically created for Shangri-La and is delivered by a small team of multi-lingual, highly experienced facilitators. Designed for the senior leadership team in each hotel, this twelve-week learning journey seeks to develop the strategic and financial capabilities, critical-thinking skills, and coaching and facilitation abilities that are required for this extremely important tier of leadership.

Harvard ManageMentor
Shangri-La, in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing offers its high performing leaders membership of Harvard ManageMentor. Harvard ManageMentor is fuelled by the latest thinking and proven practices from Harvard Business Publishing’s experts. 24 leadership topics featuring e-learning, engaging videos and useful tools are always available on-line and on-mobile. This modern resource helps our high performing leaders around the world build necessary skills, elevate their performance and grow their careers. 

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