Career Opportunities

Stories of success at Shangri-La

The Corporate Trainee Programme has produced many successful graduates over the years. These graduates are now holding key positions within the Shangri-La group.

Timothy Sainsbury

Resident Manager (2016-present) Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong
Director of Rooms (2014-2016) Shangri-La, At The Shard, London
Director of Rooms (2013-2014) Edsa Shangri-La, Manila
Front Office Manager (2011-2013) China World Summit Wing, Beijing
Assistant Executive Housekeeper (2010-2011) Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
Front Office Manager (2009-2010) Shangri-La and Traders Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Service Manager (2006-2009) Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong

"I attribute my successful career with Shangri-La to the solid foundation and ethics that were instilled in me from the start of my journey into the Corporate Trainee Programme. I was fortunate to have such a well-structured development plan and to be supported by a leadership team that had my interests at heart. The ability to learn skills and knowledge at every corner of the operation has allowed me to transition into more challenging roles more seamlessly. Being tasked with major assignments and responsibilities at an accelerated rate can be daunting, but it is something that I cherish about the experience. The programme challenged and tested me, which in turn improved my self-discipline and management skills."

Jonathan Joo

Director of Human Resources (2014-present) Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
Assistant Director of Human Resources (2012-2014) Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Human Resources Manager (2012) Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

"Emerging from a non-hospitality background, I am glad I got the opportunity to embark on my career in hospitality through the Corporate Trainee Programme. The CT Programme allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations within a condensed time frame. At the same time, I was equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, exposure and foundation to succeed in this dynamic industry. Refreshing challenges are encountered on a regular basis, where limits are pushed and surpassed. With a positive mindset and a can-do attitude, graduates from the CT Programme will definitely go far in the industry."

Antonia Zhang

Service Manager - Front Office (2015-present) Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen

"It was a great honour for me to join the Shangri-La Corporate Trainee Programme after freshly graduating from university. What a wonderful and memorable journey! During these 16 months, this programme has equipped me with all the job skills needed and has enriched my working experience, setting the core foundation for my career."

Albert Li

Q Bar Manager (2015-present) Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao

"The experience of being a Corporate Trainee helped me transit easily from being a fresh man to a professional hotelier. I have learnt general knowledge, working attitudes and management and professional skills from the three phases of the CT Programme, which have provided me with a good foundation and helped me become a qualified manager."