Young children finally learn in peace

Sule Shangri-La, Yangon

Over 850 students and monk scholars have been studying at the Sasana Hitakari Pri Yatti Monastic Education Center, which is entirely dependent on contributions from private donors and past students who have gone on to be successful in their careers.

The buildings of the centre are in dire need of renovation. Not only is this renovation essential from a safety point of view but also vital to provide a positive learning environment for the students, which are mostly orphans, homeless or from poor families.

Through a series of fundraising events, Sule Shangri-La, Yangon has raised funds and completed the construction of a library and clinic to promote the children's health and education.

We also plan to improve the school building. In 2016, it will be rebuilt as a 3-storey building that can accommodate 850 students. At the same time, a water purification system will be installed in the new school building.

Work Experience opportunities
Students who have graduated from the school have undergone an intensive training programme with the hotel’s management staff. Six of these students have been employed by the hotel’s housekeeping team. Some future graduates are currently going through the recruitment process for possible employment with the Shangri-La Group.

Visit or contribute to the Sasana Hitakari Pri Yatti Monastic Education Centre.

For details, please contact Ma Ma Naing, Director of Human Resources, at (95 1) 242828 (Ext. 6200).