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Since its inception in 1969, more than 70,000 orphans have graduated from schools with ASHINAGA scholarship support. The name “ASHINAGA” is a Japanese translation of the title of the American novel “Daddy Long Legs.” The hope is that its orphans receive an education equal to that of ordinary children.

The organisation holds summer camps for ASHINAGA scholars every year, where children can mingle with other participants and discuss their experiences.

A Safe Space 

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo donated funds to Rainbow House in Sendai City. This is a support centre for children who have experienced trauma caused by the loss of one or both parents, or family members, during the devastating earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011 in Tohoku area. The construction will start in 2013.


"P" stands for "Philanthropy." The walk was held in 47 prefectures and its aim was to increase awareness of "social philanthropy," the notion of "charitable activities" and the support needed to children in an orphaned state. At Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo we walked with the children of ASHINAGA. The 10 km walk provided the opportunity to interact with these children and raised awareness amongst our colleagues, on the plight of orphans in Japan and around the world.

Latest News 

The hotel will be supporting the construction of the Ishinomaki Satellite Rainbow House (name to be confirmed), a facility to provide psychological and emotional care to children who have lost parents to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. This was recently marked by a Shinto ground breaking ceremony to pray for the safety of its construction.

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