Combating poverty with education

Hotel Jen Manila

In 2008, Traders Hotel, Manila began working with Baranggay Maytubig. The hotel adopted the neighboring local community and started its engagement to assess their needs for the Embrace project called Maytubig Day Care Center (MDC). The day care was primarily run by Community Government Officials in tandem with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and recently supported by the hotel. In 2009, there were 30 kids enrolled; in 2012, the hotel sponsored 35 kids at the centre, ranging from 3-5 years old.

The target for the first 5 years will be a transformation from a kids day care centre to a learning hub for grade school and high school youth. The aim is to combat poverty by providing them with education and sourcing free scholarships. The centre will be a place where they can study and do research. Graduates from the scholarships will also be the future caretakers of the kids from the day care. Since they came from it, the hotel believes that they will then take care of it.

Starting Young

Colleagues participate in the special programmes planned for the kids of the Maytubig Day Care Center. Some of the annual activities carried out through staff volunteer involvement include a recognition day for the honorable students (March), refurbishment of the day care centre (May/June), nutrition month parade (July), educational field trip (September), Trick or Treat (October) and Christmas party (December).

Providing Livelihoods

Traders Hotel, Manila gives its support to out-of-school youth and young adults by providing great opportunities through training programmes for those who want to learn and make their own small enterprises; and a six-month internship programme in the hotel for those who want to work. They will be assigned to specific department where they will learn and excel. The ones who have completed the programme will be given a chance to be part of the Traders talent pool for future employment.

Latest News                                    

The hotel has prepared a number of planned programmes for the Maytubig Day Care Center. The most recent activity for the 2012-2013 school year was titled Trick or Treat this Halloween, where the kids of Maytubig Day Care Center wore costumes and volunteers offered tours of the hotel. All colleagues were encouraged to take part in the programme by decorating their work areas, wearing costumes and giving out candy to the kids who came by their areas. Afterwards, the kids, together with their parents and teachers, were served meals. The hotel also gave gifts to the kids who wore the best costumes.

Join Us

Visit or contribute to Baranggay Maytubig.
For details, please contact Traders Hotel Manila’s Human Resources Department at (632) 708 4888 ext. 2922.