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Traders Hotel, Shenyang

Traders Hotel, Shenyang paired 27 employees with 27 students of Shuang Tai Zi Hope School. The employees take special care of, share valuable information and mentor the students about education and life in general. The hotel aims to create a better learning and living environment for students by arranging activities that increase the students' exposure to learning, observation and experiences. Guests, social communities and stakeholders are sincerely invited to join in the efforts.

Enhancing the Learning Environment

  • Renovation and refurbishment of the school’s meeting hall to provide a suitable environment with modern learning equipment
  • Installation of new lighting equipment in classrooms
  • Installation of liquid hand soap in schools to highlight the importance of proper hygiene and healthcare
  • Giving lectures in hygiene as a follow-up to ingrain healthy habits such as washing hands to prevent the spread of germs
  • Educate students and teachers in Fire Prevention and Life Safety.
  • Engaging with students in classes, including music, drama and English

Latest News

In the spring, 27 big friends went to Shuang Tai Zi Hope School and worked together with their student buddies to plant green trees to beautify the schoolyard. Hotel chefs prepared healthy salads for students to enlighten them about healthy food choices.

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