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Meet Work Create

Meet Work Create

Co-nnect, Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo’s stylish, new co-working space, offers a versatile environment to meet, work and create. These exclusive spaces include private offices, meeting rooms, work pods and individual work stations, offering an inspired alternative to working in a traditional office setting.

The first of its kind, Co-nnect is ideal for the new-age, digitally connected corporate citizen for whom working on the move is an essential way of life in a fast-paced culture. A relaxed vibe coupled with discreet service and technical know-how, gives you the ease to conduct your meetings and foster the highest levels of creativity and productivity. Flexible packages are designed with varying time and pricing levels to suit the spectrum of your needs.

Opening Hours

8am to 8pm – Monday to Saturday
8am to 6pm – Sunday

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