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Explore Colombo

City by the sea

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, has a long history as an important port on the ancient east-west trade routes, and has been variously ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. That heritage is reflected in its often charming architecture and unique culture.

The city is fast developing into a regional business hub, buzzing with activity and filled with interesting things to do and see. Visitors will enjoy discovering the best of local authentic cuisines – including some of the word’s exquisite curries – and some fine historic buildings.

Colombo also presents, of course, a cosmopolitan side, with ever-more stylish cafés, shops and galleries opening all the time.

Explore, discover, and enjoy getting to know the enthralling city of Colombo.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 32.4°C 29.7°C
Feb 33.2°C 30.2°C
Mar 33.4°C 30.9°C
Apr 34.2°C 31.2°C
May 34.8°C 30.7°C
Jun 36.1°C 30.3°C
Jul 35.5°C 30.6°C
Aug 35.5°C 30.1°C
Sep 34.7°C 29.9°C
Oct 34.6°C 30.1°C
Nov 32.4°C 29.9°C
Dec 32.7°C 29.6°C