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West Coast Lifestyles Series

Visitors to Vancouver can adopt the West Coast way of life thanks to two new packages at CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. The West Coast Lifestyle series incorporates Vancouverites’ passion for yoga, penchant for organic spa treatments, and preference for healthy eating. Guests have two lifestyle packages to choose from: West Coast Lifestyle, and West Coast Lite.

Each lifestyle package starts with a personalized yoga class in the Health Club’s private studio. Guests will work one-on-one with an instructor to move deeper into their practice, discuss how yoga works best with their body, and strengthen the body/mind connection. From there, guests will soothe sore muscles and rejuvenate the body with a series of treatments at CHI, The Spa. All West Coast Lifestyle series spa treatments use the certified organic skincare line Seaflora, created using hand-harvested wild seaweeds from the coast of Vancouver Island.

The West Coast Lifestyle package begins with a 60-minute session of yoga. Treatments include a Sea Kelp Soak followed by a West Coast Wrap, designed to improve skin texture and tone. Guests have a choice between the Wild Seaweed Oil Massage or Wild Seaweed Facial to finish. Added to the package is a healthy meal in MARKET by Jean-Georges, filled with fresh, seasonal vegetables and simply cooked proteins – like Lois Lake Steelhead or Line Caught Pacific Cod – to keep things light.

For those balancing busy schedules, CHI has created an express version of the West Coast Lifestyle package, called West Coast Lite. This includes a 30-minute yoga session, as well as the Sea Kelp Soak and West Coast Wrap at CHI. Following the treatments, a bento box awaits in Ginger Bar, adjacent to the spa. A trio of bento box options is available, including the Farmers Market Bento Box, MARKET by Jean-Georges Bento Box, and an Asian-style Shangri-La Bento Box, which includes green papaya salad, black pepper beef, steamed broccoli with chili and lemon zest, and a green tea opera cake to finish on a sweet note.

Additionally, each bento box comes with a carafe of flavoured water, infused with a range of herbs, fruits and spices. Ingredient such as cinnamon, cranberries, mint, ginger and basil are rich in vitamins and minerals, and have been chosen for their healing benefits, whether it is to aid circulation, ease digestion, or boost immunity.

“There is a huge yoga culture here on the West Coast, not to mention a heavy emphasis on sustainability,” said Amy Berry, manager of CHI, The Spa in Vancouver. “We’re encouraging visitors to embrace Vancouver to its fullest when they come, and that includes adopting our active, healthy lifestyle. The West Coast Lifestyles series is a onestop-shop for guests who want to experience the flavour of Vancouver, and still pamper themselves.”

The West Coast Lifestyle package starts at CAD 525, plus CAD 29 for dinner at MARKET by Jean-Georges. West Coast Lite is available for CAD 395. The West Coast Lifestyle Series is available exclusively in Vancouver at CHI, located on the fifth floor of Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, 1128 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. To make a reservation or request further information, please call CHI at (1 604) 695 2447 or visit our website at