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CHI, The Spa Introduces CODAGE Paris to Canada

CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver will bring the small production French skincare line CODAGE Paris to Canada for the first time. Exclusively available at CHI, the formulations of CODAGE Paris can be custom designed by the spa’s expert technicians to suit each client’s specific skincare needs.  Produced in small batches in their own laboratory in the south of France, CODAGE Paris products utilize the latest scientific advances in skincare and do not include parabens, allergens, phthalates or essential oils to create highly effective products that respect the most sensitive of skin. 

CODAGE Director of Luxury Partner Development Heidi-Marie Fendry conducted in depth sessions with the CHI, The Spa on blending the custom CODAGE serums and the CODAGE repertoire of “gestures” for their signature facial and body treatments. The specific CODAGE techniques and movements increase absorption and efficacy of the products and will be used in four facials and two body treatments now offered at CHI, The Spa. Ms. Fendry will return to Vancouver in February to share her knowledge with spa clients and provide personal consultations. 
“We are delighted to partner with CODAGE Paris to bring the luxury product exclusively to Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver; the product line’s first collaboration in the Canadian territory” said Director of Spa Miranda Moore. “Both establishments share the same commitments to the highest standards of service excellence and professional expertise to only offer memorable and made-to-measure luxury experiences to each guest.”
CODAGE Paris built its methodology around an expert and personalized skin nutrition program. Founded in 2010 by Amandine and Julien Azencott, a passionate brother and sister duo who grew up in a family of doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists, CODAGE is a pioneer in made-to-measure skincare. The brand revives the practices of apothecaries with an approach based on listening, advice and service to clients to answer each individual’s specific wishes and skin needs. The CODAGE methodology begins with a comprehensive skin diagnosis considering skin type, location, season, and lifestyle. Based upon these factors, a personalized prescription of innovative cosmetic active ingredients is developed and integrated into treatment protocols and daily skincare routines.

“We are truly proud and delighted to start this exclusive journey with Shangri-La Vancouver, an esteemed luxury hospitality institution that shares our values of excellence of service and customers’ satisfaction. We personally selected them as our first partnership in Canada, based on their reputation and expertise.” said CODAGE Paris founders, Julien and Amandine Azencott. “We are delighted to collaborate with such a talented team and believe their knowledge combined with our unique methods will take customers’ experience to the next level - focusing on each guest, one at a time, with real custom-made service, treatments and product formulation.”

Serums are at the very heart of CODAGE’s expertise with fluids to provide a very high concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis. The expert therapists of CHI, The Spa will assist clients to create a made-to-measure formulation perfectly suited to their skin’s needs. These custom creations are complemented by a full collection of “ready-to-wear” serums to address the most common skin concerns. 

In addition to serums, CODAGE has created a full collection of products to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, treat and protect the skin. The vegan and cruelty-free formulas are all made in France, in their own laboratory based in Nice.

To celebrate the new partnership, CHI, The Spa clients will receive 50% off any CODAGE serum when booking a CODAGE Paris facial in the month of January.