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Ni Ciao! Experience Asian Tapas along with Italian Tapas at your favourite Italian inspired bar, Grappa at Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Grappa, situated between Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts signature Chinese restaurant, and Sorrento, the celebrated Italian restaurant, takes inspiration from the two restaurants and presents you an eclectic mix of Asian and Italian Tapas. This new menu, along with Grappa’s famous Italian-inspired barrel aged cocktails, Negronis and inventive cocktails served until late, is a great mix for celebrating the cocktail culture in Delhi.  

There is a deep old connection between the Italian and Chinese cuisines, as found by the travels of Marco Polo, an Italian explorer - journeying from Italy to China. Aiming towards Delhi’s avant-garde nightlife scene, Grappa invites you to savour a combination of these two celebrated cuisines along with your favourite cocktails.  

The Italian Tapas include appetising Bruschetta’s, grilled skewers like Chili Garlic Mushroom Skewers, Free Range Chicken with Red Chili and Romesco Sauce, Mint and Garlic Rubbed Lamb with Chili Lemon Tomato Dip and Neapolitan pizzas.  

The Asian Tapas section are a blend of grilled, poached, wok – fried authentic Asian delicacies like tempting fried Tenderloin Fillet, Pan-Friend Lamb Pao with Celery, Xinjing Style Lamb Skewers, Steamed Tofu with Shrimps, Chengdu-Style Chicken Wontons in Spicy Chili Oil Sauce and more.  




Shamira Ajani


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19,Ashoka Road,Connaught Place,New Delhi-110001,India