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SATOO International Buffet Restaurant At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

SATOO International Buffet Restaurant At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta was the trendsetter of five-star buffet dining in the city since it was opened in 2004.  The ambience is elegantly contemporary, and at the same time intimate, warm and friendly. The decor features extensive use of reflective surfaces such as glass, mirrors and polished stone, with textural elements as wood and Asian artefacts.  Combined with strong visual appeal, the sound, sizzle and aromas permeating from the theatrical open kitchen buffet stations, the restaurant provides a stimulating sensory dining experience.   

SATOO is all about a culinary exploration of Asian and International cuisine.  Chic and modern are the first impressions one gets entering the casual café area, with the dessert station featuring a chocolate fountain and an irresistible display of cakes,  pastries, soufflés, ice creams and desserts.  The aroma of pastry begins to stimulate the senses, before guests reach the other interactive open kitchen stations featuring various cuisines. A Juice and Jamu Station on the left brims with a wide array of fresh whole and cut fruit, and features an innovative twist:  Jamu Ladies preparing and serving jamu, traditional Indonesian herbal concoctions using various types of medicinal plants for a variety of ailments, relief or simply maintaining good health.

For authentic Indian cuisine, genuine Tandoori ovens loom over the Indian Kitchen Station.  Indian Chef Kuldeep Singh prepares tender cubes of lamb sautéed in mild curries and condiments, or marinated and roasted in exotic spices.  India’s distinctive cuisine is influenced by its abundance of fresh ingredients including fish, lamb, coconut, ginger, green chilies, black pepper, tamarind and curry leaves.

The Western and European Kitchen Station features a carving station for roasts, poultry and fish, alongside other innovative Western cuisines.

Bamboo steamers, woks and clay pots present deliciously exotic items in the Asian and Indonesia Kitchen Stations, with specialities from various ethnic cultures in the region.  The Peking Duck Kitchen Station boasts the authentic Chinese Peking Duck oven.

Noodles are served in a variety of types: From udon, ramen, soba and glass noodles to spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli and many more, prepared a la minute in fragrat broth at the Noodles Station.  Chefs demonstrate the ease of jazzing up a simple dish of meat or seafood by serving it atop a bed of stir-fried vegetables and noodles, and how spicy sesame dressing transforms simple noodles from ordinary to exceptional.  Next is the Japanese section, contrasting the calm of freshly made sushi and sashimi, with the sizzle of frying tempura and teppanyaki.

The centerpiece of the restaurant is a suspended glass box with a seafood ice counter brimming with crustaceans, fish and oysters.  A white marble counter punches through the box to become the chef’s work surface.  On the other side of the glass is the salad bar, a cornucopia of healthful vegetables and dressings and a creative selection of cold appetisers.

SATOO features a cocktail bar integrated with the dining area, a great place to meet friends for pre-dinner drinks or enjoy a liqueur and coffee after dining. A wide selection of beers and imported wines are available.  One of the remarkable offerings of SATOO is a comprehensive list of teas and coffees, ranging from exotic regional sources to the more conventional imports.

The last station is The Grill, a bright and spacious section overlooking the gardens and pool. The Grill features automatic time and temperature controls, providing consistency and dependability in the preparation of barbecues. Equipped with convection ovens and a high-temperature range for steaks, the Grill station also features both a charcoal grill and a flat-top grill, where smoked meat and poultry are brought up to temperature before serving. 

SATOO Restaurant has seating for 425, provides five different dining areas and two semi-private dining rooms and spans more than 1,408 square metres.  It recently launched SATOO Garden – an extension area of the main restaurant to give an al fresco dining experience to its guests. Open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., SATOO offers buffet-style lunch and dinner that includes jamu drinks (Indonesian herbal drinks), coffee and tea.

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