Press Release

Press Release

Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou Actively Participates in "Earth Hour" Activity

On 23 March 2013, all hotels under the Shangri-la hotel group actively took part in the WWF’s “Earth Hour” activities from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. The hotels extinguished the illumination in most of the staff area simultaneously, and dimmed the public areas, restaurants and hotels exterior lighting.

Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou, as a member of the Shangri-la hotel group, also participated. That morning, we organised the “Green Travel, Caring the Earth” activity. The hotel’s long-stay guests and staff were invited to ride bicycles to Qingfeng Park, fulfilling the green travel, low carbon environmental protection commitments through our actions. In the evening, the hotel extinguished lighting and air conditioning equipment in most of the staff area, and turned off or dimmed the public areas, restaurants and hotels exterior lighting. At the same time, the hotel encouraged guests to shut off the water, electricity and air conditioning in the guestrooms. and invited them to gather in the lobby lounge having cocktails and enjoying the performance of resident pianist Lulu to witness the remarkable one hour together.

In addition, the hotel actively responded to the simple and powerful activity proposed by WWF this year, “Let’s live one day of green week.” On 18 March 2013, the hotel placed a green week signboard in the lobby encouraging guests to choose their favourite day and place their signatures, and try to practice the green activity in the following one year. The guests participated with enthusiasm, including the ambassador to Chile, and chairman of owner Qiaoyu Group Mr. Chen Libin. Both assured that they would help create a green and better future through their own continuous efforts.

“Protecting the earth is our common responsibility, which is not only the earth hour, it should be integrated into our daily life,” said Traders Fudu Hotel General Manager Xiu Gang. “The hotel encourages employees to conduct energy conservation and emissions reduction, starting from the heart, from the details, to fulfil commitment and affect the people around you with actions!”

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