Press Release

Press Release

Grand Opening For The Eighth Anniversary Tea Roasting Festival of Traders Fudu Hotel

Honoured by CNTA, Traders Fudu Hotel has become the first international five-star hotel in Changzhou, managed by the biggest luxury hotel group in the Asia-Pacific region – the Shangri-La hotel group.  The 8th Anniversary Tea Roasting and Tasting Festival was held in the lobby lounge of hotel’s first floor on 2 April 2013, 6:00 p.m.

During the Tea Roasting Festival on 2 April to 31 May, the hotel has specially invited national tea-roasting master from the Dao Ye tea plantation in Tianmu Lake South Hill Bamboo Sea to make tea and introduce the tea-making process for all the guests.  Water from Tianmu Lake, where a famous scenic resort in Changzhou Liyang is located, will be used to brew the tea during the demonstration.

Having green tea frequently not only could prolong life, but also provides many positive effects, like purifying the blood vessels, preventing stroke and heart disease.

Brewing good tea requires special attention to water quality and temperature. The ecological water from Liyang Tianmu Lake provides an important prerequisite to flush out the tea original taste. The quantity of high-quality green tea leaves is 3-4 grams, water temperature should be 70-80 degrees and brewing time is 2-3 minutes.  Ordinary green tea water requires a temperature of 80-90 degrees, while the quantity of tea leaves and brewing time are the same as that for high-quality green tea.

Traders Fudu Hotel has launched different kinds of Mingqian tea for guests to taste and choose during the event period. In addition, the hotel has specially designed a unique elegant packaging according to the types of the tea to provide guests with personalized and a variety of free combination tea gift boxes.

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