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Tianmu Lake

Tianmu Lake has been listed as one of the prestigious 4-AAAA tourist attraction sites since 2001 and is one of the natural reserves in Jiangsu Province.

One popular activity at Tianmu Lake is to sample tea made from plants harvested around the lake, mixed in with the lake water.


Hongmei Park

The topography of Hongmei Park is undulating and marked with rivers and lakes. It is also the site of several other attractions, including Wenbi Tower, Jiasha Tower, Bingmei Stone and Hongmei Pavilion.

Built between the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, Hongmei Park's history dates back 1,000 years. It welcomes 200,000 locals and tourists annually.


Su Park / Dongpo Park

Su Park, also known as Dongpo Park, is located in east Changzhou. It is a characteristic garden of the southern Yangtze delta, which combines natural scenery and places of interests. It is also an ideal spot for scenic views of the grand Changzhou Ancient Canal.



Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 7ºC 0ºC
Feb 8.6ºC 1.4ºC
Mar 12.9ºC 5.2ºC
Apr 19.6ºC 10.9ºC
May 25.1ºC 16.3ºC
Jun 28.3ºC 20.9ºC
Jul 31.8ºC 25ºC
Aug 31.6ºC 24.7ºC
Sep 27.1ºC 20.1ºC
Oct 22.2ºC 14.3ºC
Nov 16ºC 7.9ºC
Dec 10ºC 2ºC