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The Ruins of Yancheng

Yancheng Relics Park is the ruins of an ancient town, with a history dating back almost 3,000 years. It is the oldest and well-preserved ancient town in China.

The park is surrounded by three layers of town walls and moats. The wall is 20 meters high and 25 to 30 meters wide. It protected the town from enemy attacks with aid from the moats.

CC Joyland Theme Park

Located in the north of the beautiful Taihu Bay, CC Joyland Theme Park is the world’s first animation-themed park.

The park is spread out over more than 1 million sqm and is surrounded by nine individual themes. It is also home to the first atrium 4D cinema that features an all-round 360 degrees experience.

Universal Dinosaur Town

Recognized as the Oriental Jurassic Park, Universal Dinosaur Town combines a science museum and a theme park over 60 hectares of land.

The exhibition area is landscaped with waterfall, forest, cliff and caves. Altogether, there are 36 skeleton fossils of dinosaurs on exhibit.

Tianning Temple

Changzhou Tianning Temple was initially built in the Yonghui Period of the Tang Dynasty between 650 to 655 AD and has a history dating back to 1,350 years.

The site functions both a Buddhist temple and a monastery that was recently renovated by the local municipal government in 1990.

The temple is actually a construction complex comprising 497 rooms, 33 Buddhist halls, and 24 pavilions. Among the preserved 127 sculptured statues is the Budhisattva Guanyin at 13 meters tall.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 7ºC 0ºC
Feb 8.6ºC 1.4ºC
Mar 12.9ºC 5.2ºC
Apr 19.6ºC 10.9ºC
May 25.1ºC 16.3ºC
Jun 28.3ºC 20.9ºC
Jul 31.8ºC 25ºC
Aug 31.6ºC 24.7ºC
Sep 27.1ºC 20.1ºC
Oct 22.2ºC 14.3ºC
Nov 16ºC 7.9ºC
Dec 10ºC 2ºC