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Press Release

Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing Holds Hotel Experience Day for Anhua School

Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing held a half-day activity called Hotel Experience Day for the students of Anhua Special Education School to let them experience life and work in the hospitality industry.

Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing started an Embrace Project in 2010 with the endeavour to extend training and arrange different charity activities with the hotel volunteers to help the mentally challenged children in Beijing’s Anhua Special School.  Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing created the internship to help the children develop confidence to help them face life with courage and independence in society.

In the morning, the colleagues of the Concierge Department picked up the students and brought them to hotel.  Mr. Teo, hotel general manager, welcomed the students and shared his primary experience in joining the hospitality industry when he was around 18 years old.  The first part of the half-day activity was a hotel orientation given by the training manager.  The kids visited a guestroom, the Traders Club and other public areas and facilities in the hotel.  During lunch, the Staff Cafeteria staff served the kids their usual, but special big lunch.  A student who graduated from Anhua School and now working in the Staff Cafeteria.  The hotel has accepted around 10 students from Anhua School to date and is keen to facilitate their entry to society by providing them a platform to start work.

After the lunch, to make the children understand the importance of the hotel’s fire control, Ray Qiu, fire and life safety manager, taught them the basic rules of fire control.  All kids listened carefully because it was important for everyone.

In the afternoon, the children took part in the bed-making training.  They were surprised at how the housekeeper made a perfect bed in three minutes.

“Making bed in a hotel is different from the usual way; first of all, you need to shake out the sheet, leave the same edge on each side and tuck each every edge under the bed in case the sheet moves,” said the housekeeping staff, who explained carefully while guiding one child patiently as he demonstrated the proper way to do it for the other children.  Next, she also showed them the way to set pillows.  The pillow needed to be fluffed first to fill its inside with air.  The centre of the pillow is cut by hand and, holding the upper part, it is placed inside the pillowcase.  Finally, the rest of the parts are folded again for a beautiful pillow.

After her explanation, the kids felt excited and were willing to try.  However, once they were doing it, they realised it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be because it was hard to keep the four corners of the pillows tucked in as the four corners of the pillowcase.  Still, the kids put their best effort into making the bed.

The day was full of fun and helped the children realise that nothing is easy when it comes to being a hotelier.  After the training, the children were so proud of themselves when they saw the clean bed they made.  Although the activity only lasted half a day, the children were so excited to share their feelings and gain friends.  Finally, they went home with a Hotel Experience Certificate and sweet cookies from the pastry chef.

This half-day experience may have been a short one in their lives, but it was their first time to experience a social position and it has given them one more choice to have a better life.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group, signed a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy that went into effect in 2007 and launched a two year development strategy to enhance its existing CSR activities.  A corporate CSR Committee guides fulfilment of the company’s responsibilities in five key areas: the environment; employees and the community; health and safety; supply chain management; and stakeholder relations.

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